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Fires have been part of Idaho’s landscape for centuries, but Idaho Firewise is relatively new. Idaho Firewise is a non-profit organization that was initiated in 2008 following a statewide survey showing a need for wildfire education. Since then, Idaho Firewise has grown and partnered with the national Firewise program.

The Idaho Firewise Board of Directors is a mixed representation of agencies, organizations, businesses, and individuals that have a vested interest in wildland fire education.

Achieving a Fire Adapted Culture in Idaho

As more people build in Idaho's forests and rangelands, they become part of the ever-increasing landscape where urban meets wild—the wildland urban interface (WUI). 

Wildfire Preparedness: Learning the Basics

People living in the WUI have higher wildfire risk, as well as greater responsibility for the safety of their families, property, pets, and livestock. Learn how to make your home and landscape less vulnerable to ignition from a wildfire. Develop an evacuation plan to ensure the safety of you, your family and your pets and livestock. Discover how you can prevent wildfires and learn more about fire ecology, fire-based ecosystems and how wildfires are managed.

Wildfire Preparedness: Creating a Culture

One of the many definitions of culture is "the total range of activities and ideas of a group of people with shared values, which are transmitted and reinforced by members of that group." By increasing awareness and encouraging the adoption of a set of accepted principles and practices, Idaho Firewise encourages the increasing culture of WUI residents who are wildfire savvy.

Join and share information about wildfire preparedness by participating in the Firewise USA™ program or by contacting Idaho Firewise staff to request community support. Visit one of the many Idaho Firewise Demonstration Gardens, increase your communication skills by learning new Terminology and explore more in our Library.

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Ivy Dickinson, Executive Director

phone/fax: 208-310-7472
toll free: 888-285-5889

Our Partners

Bureau of Land Management Idaho Department of Lands Idaho Fire Chiefs Association Idaho Office of Emergency Services Idaho Project Learning TreeIdaho Parks and Recreation   University of Idaho Extension Forestry  USDA Forest Service