About Us

Idaho Firewise is an organization aimed at empowering communities to reduce the risk of wildfire and enhance their resilience to fire-related hazards. Similar to the national Firewise USA program, Idaho Firewise focuses on community-based efforts to create defensible space, improve home survivability, and foster collaboration among residents, landowners, fire agencies, and other stakeholders. We also strive to educate Idahoans and our visitors about the natural role of wildfire in Idaho ecosystems and about our individual responsibility to prevent human caused ignitions.

The Idaho Firewise Board of Directors is a mixed representation of agencies, organizations, businesses, and individuals that have a vested interest in wildland fire education. The board meets six times a year, usually virtually as members are located throughout the state. All meeting agendas and minutes are available by request.

Achieving a Firewise Culture in Idaho.

Our Mission

Idaho Firewise is a non-profit organization that coordinates, supports, and promotes wildland fire education to broaden the understanding of wildfire’s role in ecosystems, and equips and motivates those who live in or visit Idaho to reduce loss from wildfire.

Our Purpose

  • Education and Outreach: Idaho Firewise provides educational resources, workshops, and outreach materials to raise awareness about wildfire risk and prevention strategies. This includes information on creating defensible space around homes, implementing fire-resistant landscaping practices, and developing evacuation plans.
  • Community Assessments and Planning: Idaho Firewise assists communities in assessing their wildfire risks and vulnerability, identifying areas of concern, and developing plans to mitigate their risks. This may involve assessing factors such as vegetation types, topography, access routes, and infrastructure vulnerabilities.
  • Mitigation Projects and Incentives: The program supports community-led mitigation projects aimed at reducing fuel loads, improving forest health, and enhancing wildfire resilience. This may include fuel reduction treatments, vegetation management initiatives, and infrastructure improvements designed to minimize the impact of wildfires on homes and communities.
  • Collaboration and Partnerships: Idaho Firewise fosters collaboration among local governments, fire departments, homeowner associations, conservation organizations, and other stakeholders to coordinate wildfire mitigation efforts, share resources, and leverage expertise. By working together, communities can achieve greater impact and effectiveness in reducing wildfire risk.
  • Recognition and Certification: Communities that demonstrate commitment to wildfire preparedness and mitigation through proactive efforts may become recognized through the Firewise USA program. This designation acknowledges their dedication to reducing wildfire risk and may provide access to funding, resources, and technical assistance to support ongoing mitigation efforts.

At Idaho Firewise, Inc., we commit to creating an inclusive organization and value the perspectives and lived experiences that each person brings to our mission. We value each staff person, board member, volunteer and donor, and together with our partners, recognize that access and equity is a right for every person in every community. 

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Contact Us

Ivy Dickinson, Executive Director

phone/fax: 208-310-7472
toll free: 888-285-5889

Our Partners

Bureau of Land Management Idaho Department of Lands Idaho Fire Chiefs Association Idaho Office of Emergency Services Idaho Project Learning TreeIdaho Parks and Recreation   University of Idaho Extension Forestry  USDA Forest Service