Staff & Interns

Idaho Firewise is a non-profit organization dedicated to wildfire preparedness. The organization currently has 3 employees and hires part-time seasonal interns as well as regularly offering member positions through AmeriCorps. To learn more about internships or volunteer opportunities, please contact us or visit our Volunteer page.

Idaho Firewise Staff:

Ivy Dickinson, Executive Director

Brett Van Paepeghem, Southern Idaho Project Manager

Andrea Dorman, Horticulturist & Southwest Idaho Program Coordinator

Idaho Firewise Interns:

Caitlin Scott, Idaho Firewise Garden Outreach Educator
College of Western Idaho Horticulture Intern & AmeriCorps Member 

Contact Us

Ivy Dickinson, Executive Director

phone/fax: 208-310-7472
toll free: 888-285-5889

Our Partners

Bureau of Land Management Idaho Department of Lands Idaho Fire Chiefs Association Idaho Office of Emergency Services Idaho Project Learning TreeIdaho Parks and Recreation   University of Idaho Extension Forestry  USDA Forest Service