About Us

Fires have been part of Idaho’s landscape for centuries, but Idaho Firewise is relatively new. Idaho Firewise was initiated in 2008 following a statewide survey that indicated the need for wildfire education and prevention (Idaho State Fire Plan Working Group’s National Fire Plan survey, 2007). Since then, Idaho Firewise has grown and partnered with the national Firewise program.

Firewise refers to a way of being, living, and doing that minimizes the risk of wildfire and prepares for its possibility. Fire is a natural part of Idaho’s ecosystems, so individuals in wildland/urban interface (WUI) areas need to adopt a Firewise mentality­—one that accepts responsibility for living where fire is a reality.

Our Mission

Idaho Firewise coordinates, supports, and promotes statewide wildland fire education to broaden the understanding of wildfire’s role in ecosystems and encourages those who live in or visit Idaho to take responsibility in reducing the risk of loss from wildfire.

Our Purpose

  • Provide a coordinated, consistent, interagency, and consensus-driven approach to wildland fire education in Idaho.
  • Define target audiences, messages, and methods of delivery, and match audience needs with existing materials or develop new materials.
  • Develop resources and support for educational and other community-led activities across the state.
  • Establish and grow partnerships with private and public entities that have a stake in wildfire prevention and education.
  • Coordinate the development and delivery of key messages.
  • Facilitate information sharing across agencies and jurisdictional lines.
  • Inventory, catalog, and provide a web-based clearinghouse of existing fire education materials.