Self-Guided Tour Material, Idaho Firewise Garden

Idaho Firewise Garden, Firewise Landscaping
Idaho Firewise Garden, Boise

The Idaho Firewise Garden at the College of Western Idaho (CWI) Horticulture & Idaho Botanical Gardens (IBG) was the first firewise demonstration garden developed in Idaho to show homeowners how they can live on the edge of wildlands more safely and beautifully.

2020 Update: The Idaho Firewise Garden is currently open to the public via the Idaho Botanical Garden on a part-time basis. The staff members who manage the garden may have the area closed off during garden work shifts as a precaution during Covid-19. Please contact Brett or Andrea for more information on garden access. We are also offering private group tours of no more than 1-2 people, free for those who would like to learn more about firewise landscaping.