2017 Wildfire Community Preparedness Day Award Winners Announced

Thanks to the generous support from State Farm, 150 communities received project funding awards to support activities aimed at reducing potential loss of life, property and natural resources to wildfire.

To be eligible for an award, applicants provided a brief description of the proposed project and how the State Farm award will fund that project that will begin or be completed on May 6. Descriptions included how groups or individuals would work toward reducing the risk of wildfire or impact of a recent fire, and/or advancing preparedness for wildfire in the community.

Idaho community applicants receiving funding this year are:

  • M. Billmire, McCall
  • M. Graham, City of Challis
  • K. Kingsley, McCall
  • T. Hunsaker, Kimberly
  • L. Ahrens, Boise
  • L. Ross, McCall
  • J. Wiley, Boise