Grant Proposal Requirements

Contingent upon the Idaho Firewise (IDFW) budget, funding may be available to assist organizations with wildland fire education projects.  Eligible projects clearly advance IDFW’s exempt purposes as stated in the IDFW Bylaws.

  • Proposals may be submitted by the 15th of any month. Proposals are reviewed by the IDFW Board of Directors during the following month’s board meeting. IDFW board meetings typically occur on the second Wednesday of each month
  • Proposals should be one to three pages long. Attachments may be included only if they clearly demonstrate what the funding will be used for.

At a minimum, proposals must contain:

  • Introduction: Include the name of the applicant organization, the amount of funding requested, and a brief description of the project.
  • Description of applicant organization: Provide a very brief history and a concise description of current programs.
  • Statement of need: Describe the need that can be met by funding the project. Include a description of the target audience and geographical area.
  • Methodology: Present a clear, logical, and achievable plan for implementing the project. Describe major activities, timelines, and names/titles of key project staff.
  • Other funding sources: List other funding that has been or will be secured for the project.
  • Summary: Restate the intent of the project, affirm ability to carry out the project successfully, and ensure that the project meets IDFW’s exempt purposes.

Idaho Firewise reserves the right to deny any proposal for any reason, including, but not limited to: insufficient information, failure to demonstrate organization’s capacity to carry out the project, and/or inability to meet IDFW’s exempt purposes.  IDFW may request additional information to further understand the project.  IDFW may also offer a reduced funding amount if appropriate.  If funding is awarded, the recipient organization will be required to adhere to an IDFW funding agreement and provide a final report once the funds have been expended.

Project proposals are accepted via email: