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Idaho Firewise

As more people build in Idaho’s forests and rangelands, they become part of the ever-increasing landscape where urban meets wild—the wildland/urban interface (WUI). People living in the WUI have higher wildfire risk, as well as greater responsibility for the safety of their families, property, pets, and livestock.

Wildfire can strike anytime. However, it does not have to be devastating. You can protect your family and home. Let Idaho Firewise help you become part of a growing Firewise culture!

  • In Wildfire Basics learn about Wildland Fire and Idaho Landscapes and Wildfire Ignition, Behavior, and Effects.
  • Fighting Wildfire provides information about the Incident Command System and Wildland Fire Fighting Strategies and Tactics.
  • In Firewise Homes learn how WUI homes commonly ignite in Home Ignition. See how Home Wildfire Evaluations, Firewise Building Materials, and Access, Signage, and Emergency Water Supplies work together to make you fire safe.
  • Firewise Landscapes begins by introducing readers to Defensible Space. See how Firewise Hardscapes and Firewise Plant Materials and Landscape Design increase your defense.
  • Learn about Firewise Communities, what the Benefits of Becoming a Firewise Community are and How to Become a Firewise Community.
  • In Fire Prevention learn about common causes of wildfires in Idaho, how to apply for a burn permit, and about a long-running fire prevention program called The Guberif.
  • Evacuation It is important to Have a Plan. In the event of a wildfire Get Ready to Go and If You Get Trapped provides important information. Once evacuation orders have been lifted, get ready for Returning Home.

Our Mission

Idaho Firewise coordinates, supports, and promotes statewide wildland fire education to broaden the understanding of wildfire’s role in ecosystems and encourages those who live in or visit Idaho to take responsibility in reducing the risk of loss from wildfire.

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